2020 Club Roster



 Our 24 Club Members

Chris and Cheri Hicks Armentano
Bethlehem, CT
’31 Coupe

Archie & Donna Bardwell
Torrington, CT
‘30 Coupe

Don and Donna Bruno
Torrington, CT
‘31 Tudor,  ’28 Leatherback, ’23 T Roadster, ’13 T Touring, “22 Dodge Touring

Dave and Kathy Chanko
Torrington, CT
‘30 Tudor

Ed and Penny Covill
Watertown, CT
’30 Tudor

Debbie Deziel and Guy Livolsi
Litchfield, CT
’29 Special Coupe

Paul and Laura Dubreuil
Torrington, CT
’30 Tudor

Richard and Rosemarie Fattibene
Sandy Hook, CT
’30 Roadster

Tom and Kathy Fix
Torrington, CT
‘28 Tudor

Tom and Pat Gormley
Woodbury, CT
’31 Pickup

Dave and Carol Habersang
Thomaston, CT
‘30 Cabriolet 68B

Ryan Heacox
Sharon, CT
’30 Fordor

Ted & Marie Legendre
Northfield, CT
‘28 Roadster

Michael and Sandra Morgan
New Hartford, CT
’29 Closed Cab PU

Nick and Fran Nesci
Kensington , CT
‘30 Cabriolet & ‘30 Fordor

Frank and Diana Place
MT. Carmel, CT
’30 Sport Coupe

Jay Reynolds
Sandisfield, MA
‘29 Tudor

Glenn Royals
Torrington, CT
’31 Convertible Sedan 400-A

Rick and Madaline Swanson
Shelton, CT
’31 Victoria, ’31 Hot Rod Coupe, ’51 Ford P.U. Hot Rod, ’55 Ford, ’37 Chevy Rod

John and Eve Thew
Norfolk, CT
’31 Town Sedan

Dr. Bruce and Marilyn Vinokur
Watertown. CT
’29 Fordor 60C, ’31 Roadster

Robert and Linda Watley
Goshen, CT
’29 Fordor Leather, ’31 Pickup, ’31 Tudor

Dick & Margaret Wells
Winsted, CT
‘31 Deluxe Coupe

Chris and Rita Wolfe
Watertown, CT
’30 Phaeton

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